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Anti-static Brush

Anti-static Brush

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Anti-Static Record-Cleaning Brushes are designed to remove dirt, dust, and grit embedded into the grooves of your vinyl. The brush consists of a metal handle with super-fine carbon fibers that gently remove the dirt that would cause snaps, crackles, and pops in your speakers.

Static can attract dust particles to your album, so using this brush actually provides proactive protection.

To use the brush, place your record on your turntable and turn the power on. Then, hold your brush at a 90-degree angle and allow the record to spin under it. The idea is to move the brush from the inside grooves to the outside while it is spinning.

One thing to note, however, is to make sure you don’t press down too hard. While this brush has been designed specifically for vinyl records, jamming down on it can damage the grooves in the record and trap the gunk you’re trying to clean out. Keep your sweep nice and light and you’ll find your records are all the better for it.